iPhone development. A bunch of resources and files for unlocking, jailbreaking and otherwise tooling around with your iPhone. link

Web design course material. I have taught and continue to tutor students in web design, going from basics to advanced material. I was head teaching assistant for CS147, Introduction to Human Computer Interaction, where I coordinated labs covering the same sort of material. View a sample syllabus here

This link contains a pdf Coding. Download some of the code I've made for various assignments in classes here. link

This link contains a pdf Academic writing. A collection of essays, lab reports and research papers written for classes I've taken at Swarthmore. link

This link contains a pdf Silent Symbolism. A collection of short stories and poems that I wrote on this blog a while ago. link


Asia and New Zealand. I spent 88 days traveling across Asia and New Zealand and exploring Oreo wrappers. link

Japan tsunami volunteering: During May of 2012 I traveled 600km north of Tokyo to volunteer at Caritas - read about my experiences here

Panoramas. A set of panoramas taken using a camera and stitched with Photoshop. link

Solo across the USA: During the summer of 2010 I took a 10-day, 3581 mile road trip across the United States.

This link contains text Roadtrip Italia: 6000km, a flat tire, and three countries: read the whole log (or download the pdf). Summer 2006. here

This link contains an audio Troyes, Milan: /mp3/ May 27th-31st 2006. An audio recording of the entire trip, without voices. Listen for the Paris subway, the train to Troyes, the outdoor show, the night-train to Milan, the echo of the stations announcements, the outdoor sounds of a hill we climbed. listen

Paris - Torino: A two-week car trip with my family from Paris to Dijon, to Courmayeur, to Bologna and Torino. Dec 21, 2005-Jan 2, 2006. here

Sardinia, Summer 2004: An entire month on this wonderful gem of an island off the coast of Italy. Transcribed from a hand-written version kept while at the resort. Part 1: July 29th- August 6th, 2004, Part 2: August 9-12th, 2004, Part 3: August 14-25th, 2004

Interesting Things

Vintage Canon cameras. I collect Canon cameras from the late 60s to early 80s. link

My Guinness World Record attempt. In which I travelled all of Paris's 369 subway stations in just under 15 hours. link

Make your own infinity mirror. A popular gadget is easy to make with cheap parts and a bit of effort. link

This link contains photographs Interesting defunct airlines. An not-so-comprehensive list of defunct regional airlines of the United States. link

This link contains an image Free Icons. An extensive resource listing sets of icons available for use on your website link

Visions of the year 2000: Utopia A collection of engravings from Villemard, 1910, depicting the artist's imagination of what the world would be like in the year 2000. link

This is an investigative documentary Charlie Chaplin: Waiter of Modern Times A bit of history and background on the gibberish song that Chaplin sings as a waiter in Modern Times. link

Free software collection A list of free software and utilities that I regularly use to enhance my computer-based activities. link

Faces or Plugs? A look at the various socket plugs available in the world from another point of view. link

This contains a product review Tech Gadget Product Reviews A review of some of the gadgets I've owned, how much they costed, and what I thought of them. link

This link contains an image Inside the Hermit Kingdom. A database of history, pictures, videos, and audio related to North Korea. link

This is an investigative documentary The Time Capsule of Tulsa. On June 15th, 1957, the citizens of Tulsa, OK, entombed a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere time capsule containing many items from the era. Find out more about it by following this link

This is an investigative documentary The M/V Cahaba Tugboat Incident. In April of 1979, a boat was pulled underneath a bridge and resurfaced on the other side in a never-before-heard incident. Find out more about what happened and why it did. link

This link contains photographs Beyond the Box II. During spring break of 2006, I decided to try my chance at my college's Bookstore's photo contest called "Swarthmore Takes a Break". I won among over 100 other entries. See how it all came about. link

This link contains an image Area 51, Nevada. The images are from Google Maps, and may be slightly outdated, but they give a very interesting view of what we're not supposed to see- hence we speculate. link

Cannondale SR400. Page dedicated to the Cannondale I owned, the resouces I use, and the places I go. link

Past designs. View a gallery of past designs that have been used at this blog of mine. link


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This link contains an image Adobe Acrobat pdf